Batavia Swim Club Rules and Regulations

Batavia Swim Club reserves the right to close the pool during inclement weather

General Club Rules

  •  No running, pushing, rough housing, horseplay, sitting or standing on the head, neck, or shoulders of others, or any other inappropriate behaviors will be permitted.
  •  Inappropriate behaviors, gestures, language, or other forms of abuse of rules and regulations as posted will result in warning and possible immediate dismissal from the club property.
  •  All non-swimmers and beginner swimmers must be supervised at all times.
  •  No food, drink, or gum allowed in the pools.
  •  No public displays of affection.
  •  No twists, flips, backwards jumps, or dives off the side of the pool.
  •  No pets, hard plastic toys, tennis balls, water guns, or rafts with ropes allowed in pools.
  •  No flotation devices, including life-jackets and water wings, allowed off diving board.
  •  Glass is prohibited in all areas at all times.
  •  Rafts, floats, sponge-balls, and other certain pool toys are permitted in big pool at manager’s discretion.
  •  Appropriate swim attire is required.
  •  Non-toilet trained kids must wear a swim diaper when in pools. Regular diapers are prohibited.
  •  Club members are responsible for the conduct and safety of their families and guests while using the club facilities.
  •  Smoking is permitted in designated areas
  •  Alcoholic beverages are permitted but must be in a non-breakable container and covered under a cozie or other non-alcohol marked container.

Diving Board Rules

  •  One person on the board at a time.
  •  One bounce only.
  •  No running off the end of the board.
  •  Go straight off the end of the board when entering the water.
  •  Keep arms above head when entering the water head first. No “Sailor Dives.”
  •  Swim directly to the diving well ladder and exit pool.
  •  Wait until the diver in front of you has reached the ladder before going off yourself.
  •  Do not use goggles, masks, or snorkels when going off the boards.
  •  The following dives are prohibited: Seat drop, Hand stands, Sitting dives, Tandem dives and Sailor Dives.

Baby Pool Rules

WARNING: NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY Adult (age 16 and older) supervision is required AT ALL TIMES for your own child. Adult must be inside of wading pool fence with child. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  •  No running.
  •  No food or beverage allowed in pool.
  •  Put all toys away when finished.
  •  Non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper at all times. 
  • Report any accidents to the manager immediately.

 *All rules subject to interpretation by manager*